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I want to see how many people are proud of it.image


We’re like unicorns



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Ellie: Can I hold your hand?Carl: No.Ellie: But why?Carl: Because it’ll hurt when you let go.

Ellie: Can I hold your hand?
Carl: No.
Ellie: But why?
Carl: Because it’ll hurt when you let go.

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I just got bored.

I just got bored.


Ghetto Christmas Carols

Watermelondrea is a terrible babysitter.



Was there anything more entertaining as pulling back that metal slip on a floppy disk and letting it fling shut? This Floppy Disk Table will remind you of the good old days whenever you sit down in front of your TV. Slide the disk cover back and you’ve got some storage for remotes and coasters. You can buy one here if your inner geek is urging you to do so.

How did I miss this element of the floppy table?